Taking nap at lunch break

I was exposed to this custom first while visiting a company called ZTE in southern China. At precisely 12:00, lights are shut down and everybody goes to the dining room, and after coming back, crawls into their own desk. Some just slumps over the desk, some cover themselves with blankets in the chair, some into their sleeping bags. The entire office falls into a deadly silent mode. You realize a piece of chewing gum is sticking to the bottom of your left shoe by listening to the disoriented footsteps. Wanna achieve a zen-like peaceful moment while working? Come to China.
Basically the same phenomenon can be observed here in Taipei in my office, though nobody brings his sleeping bag. The dark office suits me very fine, concealing my body movements ducking the deadly attacks while playing Doom. I always realize my dorky behavior after I am brutally murdered.
Somebody should start bringing his blanket. Others will follow with pillows, inflatable beds, and Coleman sleeping bag. Regretfully massage chairs are excluded from this club for their still loud noise. I will bring in my LaZboy reclining chair which also servers as the office chair.