Po Bronson’s new project

I bought Po Bronson’s "What should I do with my life?" three times and read it at least five times. I am sure no one will feel he has wasted his time reading this book. Awesome documentation of people confronting the "Who am I?" question of our era, including the author.
His latest book, "Why do I love these people?" is about maintaining the unit called family, a good read but didn’t resonate within myself primarily because the question wasn’t an urgent matter (I was desperately searching for the next career step when I bought the former book).
The new project has started which deals with the issues around parenting, probably as an evolution out of his numerous research during his last book, and the preview questionnaire offers a good insight and 30 minutes of entertainment. They are based on research without skewed conception, and provides hilarious yet accurate portraits of parents and kids.

Parents of budding liars often assume their child doesn’t quite realize she’s lying – she’s probably just blurring the distinction between the fanciful and the deceptive. They expect their child to grow out of it as she matures. This is dead wrong, according to the research. The better a child can distinguish a lie from the truth, the more likely she is to lie given the chance.