Philip K.Dick

Watching his works coming into another life as a blockbuster movie is a delightful experience, as one of his readers who spent a good amount of time reading his short stories, originally published as part of pulp sci-fi magazines. An article says his children have started managing his assets so that only quality movies be made, not something like Screamers (my favorite).
I was amazed that it was only 2005 that someone took initiative to manage (market) his works – that means his books were bought by 9 films so far without aggressive advertisement. How many writers can claim such achievement besides Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and John Grisham?
Still, the hype surrounding his works might suggest that he alone is sucking all attentions that should have distributed to other great sci-fi or horror writers. With the exception of Blade Runner, people are picking up scripts from his short stories (Minority Report, Screamers (again)). Which might mean that his popularity is based on clever plots and twists, despite the often-cited "philosophical influence" embed in his long stories.
If smart plots are the point, why the great writers in the same era – Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Robert Sheckley, Fredric Brown, especially their short stories, aren’t given enough attention?  R is for Rocket by Ray Bradbury opened my eyes into the world of science fiction, Robert Bloch is the greatest horror writer when it comes to shorter piece, and Fredric Brown proved that sometimes a couple of pages are enough to churn good readings.