Blade Runner vs. Terminator

The polished, uncut version will come out at the end of this year. Like Terminator, Blade Runner is a certified classic marred with rudimentary special effects.
In the Terminator we had the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to take off damaged eyeballs – the full-sized rubber doll is so badly constructed it gives us a slight shivering – way past the chuckling stage. The same goes for all stop-motion animations. Just because Ray Harryhausen pulled off critical praise with Clash of the Titans doesn’t mean someone else is allowed to repeat it, even after mere 4 years.
The Blade Runner, on the other hand, is a showcase of matte painting. The scene where Harrison Ford desperately hang on to the top of the building is a classic example. You might even be able to see the artist’s signature. All the other effects are nearly perfect, especially the miniature sets, which makes the flaw more appealing.