Back to Taiwan – new iPod

So I had spent a week in Japan, taking a late summer vacation. Some things have changed, some never.
Today’s topic is, of course, the new iPod series.
Get this – the iPod now contains 160GB of storage. That’s more than the entire hard drive in my laptop, 100GB (which was the milestone a couple of years ago).
What are we going to do with this storage? Download a higher resolution video? What about its tiny screen? Should we connect it to an external display? Wait, isn’t that contrary to what the iPod has been trying to achieve – complete mobility?
The new iPod Touch is, uh, an iPhone without "Phone" – I can feel the amount of grudge the early iPhone adopters are going to carry – who have paid couple of thousands dollars just to join the interface evolution experiment.
It has WiFi – voila, all we, the sane and late adopters, have to install is Skype. Now we can call anybody. The amount of grudge have tripled.

The buzz killer is the promotional video. Is the narrator Steven Chen from YouTube? I admire that guy, but he is not exactly a movie-star material. Bring back our Justin Long. I smell petition. And an attention-stealer-disguised-as-patent-infringement-claim from HTC, who coined the usage "Touch" in their phone, which was originally an iPhone follower. That might not add any carma, but surely completes a loop.