In the name of love / Beautiful day

In the Name of Love by U2 is, for me, a classic example of songs which wouldn’t have entered my personal favorites if it weren’t for the buzz from a close friend of mine: "In the Name of Love is one of the greatest songs in the history of Rock".
His deep knowledge, especially in the ’70s Rock –  German techno (and it is not only about KraftWerk), British pop (Elvis Costello, Brinsley Schwartz, Nick Rowe, all in a single family), and some bizarre niche like The Pirates (it is not bad, actually), deeply brainwashed me into believing that the title song is indeed a classic. I still list all of the above mentioned bands in the same rank.
Trying to be objective, I think In the Name of Love is a decent, but does not require the coveted "masterpiece" title. When I listen to this song, I still hear the conversation between my friend, and that’s the source of wonder.
Compare it with another so-called-classic Beautiful Day. People say it is one of the greatest songs in the last decade and I still cannot get it. Maybe it is because nobody told me so this time. Actually I believe it is another classic example of a great music video making people believe that the song was also great.
In the Name of Love

Beautiful Day