So in today’s Spanish class the students shared biographies of famous people. It was an exciting and lively hour, and taught us an important lesson – how a celebrity, a hero, will be remembered after all his great moments, superb achievements.

Angelina Jolie – Divorced twice, adopted countless kids, feuded with her father

Keanu Reeves – Had her daughter dead shortly after birth, his two girlfriends dead, his little sister also dead.

Augusten Burroughs – Lived with a crazy phychiatrist, is gay, learned sex at 13, became alchoholic (my part)

Mozart – Composed over 600 musics (the juiciest part, the semi-homosexual yet crazy relationship with Salieli, was never mentioned.)

Jack Nicholson – At 18 realized that his older sister is actually his mother.

The biggest hook was Keanu Reeves – this exotic name actually means "bad actor" in Swahili – "No wonder why he has such a complicated personality" was one of the comments after listening to those stories – I felt compassionate to Keanu too, but then, how come his acting so lame? If all of his depth were sucked into real-life trauma, why does he even bother to act?