Another great scam (probably the scam ad of the year)

Fresh from last night. Great naming "Aqua-chips", internationality (Malaysia, Canada, UK), and elaborate plot (though the holes are bigger than those in Michael Bay films).
This email has been salvaged from the "Junk" category into the "Archive" section.

My name is Henry vic moore  40year old  from Berkshire a citizen of  United Kingdom, I work as a Secretary to this company (CENT-BRANCO SHIPPING COMPANY),in united kingdom London

Actually am in need of some one who is reliable and capable of handling a contract business in Asian region since i have search for this product them have it in Malaysia.
At the moment i have a contract business of a supply in the shipping company here am working,  and am ready to give you this contract business depending on your interest,really this is a straight forward business which will be of a good dividends to both of us.

I got this supply contract with a Cent-branco shipping  company in London here to supply a product called AQUA-CHIPS,this product is a navigating product which directs the ship in motion while traveling,it will be my pleasure to do this contract with you,as i know that this contract is going to be a continues contract and am willing to introduce you to other shipping companies here depending on the terms of agreement we are going to reach.

Right now i have discovered where we can get this product at a cheaper rate it was introduce to me  by a Chinese friend, Mrs chong,in Canada, who gave me a sample for text on my last visit to Canada,who told me they have this product in Malaysia,I have spoken to the purchasing manager  and they have agreed to go to Malaysia to buy,

Now the issue is that i don’t have the capital to execute this contract, and the product is rare in London now that is why i need you  to stand as the distributor of this product Aqua -chips  buying it out from the dealer in  Asia and sell it to the purchase manager,on his arriving Malaysia a bottle of this product is sold at the rate of MYR 1,050 Malaysian dollars and it is 30 bottles in one carton, in this you will be buying a carton MYR 31,500 Malaysian dollars while you will be reselling to the purchasing manager  at the rate of GBP £1,500 Britain pounds per bottle,and the purchasing manager  will be buying more than 4 to 6 cartons in each trip.

Please i really want some one who is capable to handle this contract because is not a small contract . and i really don’t want the purchasing manager  to go directly to the seller in Malaysia and find out how much the distributor sell this product, because this will affect the business and it will affect me here in the company because i have already told the company that a bottle of aqua chips product is GBP £1,500 Britain pounds , so please let me know your interest,So that will can able to proceed.

Henry vic moore.