Another anatomy of a spam email

This time, Paypal is under attack.

Cousin( has created Holiday postcard for you

To see your custom Holiday postcard, simply click on the following
Internet address (if your mail program doesn’t support this feature
you will need to COPY and PASTE the address into your browser’s address box):

Send a FREE greeting card from whenever you want by visiting us at:
http://what the hell is
This service is provided and hosted by

Obviously this guy put some effort into building a believable scam. But the devil is still in the details, and he is missing crucial points, sadly.

  • Cousin( has created… -> Is it a guy named "Cousin"? If then why is his email address is "Peter Charles"? If it is one of my cousin, write "One of your cousins".
  • The chance of having a cousin called "Peter Charles" should be small, especially considering I am a Japanese living in Taiwan. My email address contains my whole name, family name and given name. Hey, the victim is already offering his ID at free charge! Can’t you generate something believable?
  • When did we start having "www." after the "@" mark? In an email address?

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