Title for the information architect

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web describes in detail what the so-called Information Architect must do in his daily job. Title alone cannot provide food on the table. A vague definition = must wear lots of hats (or nowhere to go).

But what if they actually make it? What would be the new title?

  • Graphic design – Chief Graphic Designer – CGD
  • Interaction design – Chief Interaction Designer – CID
  • Usability engineering – Chief Usability Engineer – CUE
  • Experience design – Chief Experience Designer – CED
  • Software Development – Chief Software Developer – CSD
  • Enterprise architecture – Chief Enterprise Architect – CEA
  • Content management – Chief Content Manager – CCM
  • Knowledge management – Chief Knowledge Manager – CKM
  • Information architecture – Chief Information Architect – CIA

Will the last one, if ever exist, will become common enough to replace the original?