The Simpsons are coming to town

The Simpsons movie opens this weekend. Initially I decided to ignore the hype, since it has almost been a decade since the golden age of The Simpsons has passed.

Swarn Sahni, who owns the 7-Eleven franchise in Burbank, CA that now displays the Kwik-E-Mart signage, told the newspaper, "The Simpsons fans are spending money like crazy. … I usually sell 800 hot dogs a week. Now I’m selling about 3,000 a week." He also said that the store had sold 57,510 "Sprinklicious" doughnuts since the campaign began.

But one thing is indeed intriguing. The user rating is showing a whopping 9.0 now.


Is this just a massive attack from the die-hard zombie fans, or genuinely the sign of a  kick-ass movie? The trailer is not particularly funny (compared to the best seasons), so I am still for the former.
But what if…?
Well, I must admit the website kicks ass.