Some idea for unusual mobile phone ringtones

We are already getting tired of listening to sudden bursts of top40 songs or their melodies.

Let’s look for something more intriguing.

  • Dog or cat’s voice – looks like it is already available
  • Dog or cat’s voice during mating season – now it is getting a bit exciting
  • Rants from nationalists – creates a virtual shopping mall in a Sunday afternoon
  • Belch, fart, cursing words – maybe too cliche
  • Songs from an American Idol contestant – or a critique from Simon Cowell?
  • The most memorable quote from the movie Storytelling – no comment…
  • A sweet message from wife/husband/gf/bf – why nobody is trying this?

Additional thought – I guess today’s moms are starting to use the cell phone ringtone for their babies’ wake-up call.