Moving up and down

I enjoy watching the actor credits in movie advertisements, especially to see who stands out, who is embedded in the "others", and who is forgotten at all. Oh yes, to see the stars of the yesteryears gets bumped down to the lower ranks.
If they have accumulated enough credits, the movie producers show some mercy by adding "With" or "And" before the name.
But what if that person is in the "nowhere to go" level – quite famous to get noticed, but lost most of the money-drawing power, and not quite old enough to sit in the retirement position?
That’s the moment. The point is, is he/she still in the movie poster?
Example 1: Val Kilmer
The Saint


But in Deja Vu


Even though he has the third most important role…

Other examples:
Christian Slater
Broken Arrow vs. Windtalkers
Elizabeth Shue
Hollow man vs. Hide and Seek