IMDB surfin: people working together

One of the fun part of clicking the IMDB is to find out the (hidden) connections between celebrities. Charlie Sheen offers a great example. Go to the trivia:

  • Accidentally shot then fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm. Soon after that incident, she left him and married her formerly platonic friend John Travolta.
  • Was the one who drove Ben Affleck to Promises Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, California last August, 2001 for alcohol abuse.
  • On 3rd August 1990 (his father’s birthday), his family made an intervention to try to get him to control his drug and alcohol abuse and enter rehab. He entered rehab for 30 days and ended up staying sober for exactly 366 days. His main goal was to make one year, and after making it, he drank the very next day at Nicholas Cage’s home.
  • Dated Robin Wright Penn (Sean Penn’s wife).
  • Was in attendance at Chris Penn’s funeral (Sean Penn’s brother).

"My father gave me some pretty bad advice – keep it honest, which I did. People ask, why am I so honest with the press? I don’t have an answer. I suppose I’m honest everywhere else. Why should it stop here? Most of my shit sounds like lies. But all my stories are true, and that’s the problem. They call me the last honest man in Hollywood. But I care what people think, we all do."