HTML swamp and Word

From Head First HTML

To the W3C, for saving us the browser wars and for their brilliance in separating structure (HTML) from presentation (CSS)…And for making HTML, CSS, and XHTML complex enough that people need a book to learn it.

Indeed it’s a complex world, since now I am preparing my own website, but essentially it is a history of web specialists trying to become lazy by screwing up tuning up the standard. Let’s put all the garbage in the nuts and bolts, since we can directly reach the higher levels – who cares about the novice designers trying to wade through the swamp of garbage?

Since I have been using Word to create document templates, the HTML and CSS concepts are exactly like the contents and styles in the even more messy world of Word. Try create something decent using Word first, then you’ll halfway through becoming an HTML/CSS expert with enhanced tolerance, ignorance, insensibleness, desperation.