How to use YouTube

The "T" in the latter is supposed to be pretentious but it works. One of the easiest way to cool up the brand.

I use YouTube as the jukebox with the MTV. Recently the Big Brother has been tightening up the resource – last week I found out the entire Queensryche music video was deleted. Shame. Still we have the amateur videos where they use the songs as the BGM for their attempt to create yet another piece of modern art. Looks like it is a gray zone that the Big Brother hasn’t decided what to do.

Second, the YouTube is a great source for watching old movies – which, despite being classic, have not being given proper attention (= no DVD)
Here is an example. Galaxy of Terror

What, it IS a masterpiece.

Third, for lazy bum – let’s suck all the juices and leave the dull part

But it might be like watching only climax in porno movies goal scenes from World Cup

Fourth, TV skits. Some classic MadTV clips have been online, like this The Sopranos parody.