What are they doing now?

Here are three memorable actors who have faded away into history. Well, I have little interest in what they are doing now… IMDB shows the latest status, though not always correct.

Scott Baio
Scott_baio_young Scott_baio_1 He was playing a high-school nerd in Zapped! who gained a superpower following a failed scientific experiment. This B-class comedy was aired several times on Japanese TV during the 80s. Why that much? Probably because it was awfully cheap to acquire the right, and (I guess) because it had high ratings. The actings were horrible, humors were mediocre at best, but the pacing was good and most importantly, it offered a couple of nude scenes. Boys and dads got a chance to see real tits while claiming they were watching non-toxic "high-school comedy".
I can still sing the title song.

Ralph Macchio
Ralph_maccio_young Ralph_macchio_1 The Karate Kid… He must be the weakest Martial Arts Champion in movie history. He even got an Oscar nomination…no, it was his master. Good old days. Keanu Reeves might be insanely jealous of Ralph, after going through The Matrix and still criticized that his Kung-fu was amateurish.

Emilio Estevez

Emilio_estevez_young_2 Emilio_estevez_2 The last time I saw him was in Mission:Impossible, almost ten years ago. No credit, 10 minutes into the movie and he gets smashed into the elevator shaft forming a human sandwich. It was one of the most memorable scenes, though.