Japanese horror

The Ring2 performed nicely in US Box office Market. Japanese horror movies are getting ever popular overseas (Hollywood).

I watched two of the…wait, all?… previous Japanese horror remakes, The Ring and The Grudge. They are scary, indeed, but… after all what’s it all about? Those ‘ghosts’, they don’t beat you, they don’t slash you, they don’t eat you. They just frighten you to hell. If it weren’t for that supernatural power they possess, it is nothing different than entering Disney’s Haunted Mansion. It seems they can kill you by looking into your eyes, but no physical harm. Let’s imagine for a moment we have to choose between eaten by the zombies, and then it’s obvious.

After all the hype is gone, there will be a rebound. People (in the US) will get tired of just scaring up and start to demand flesh and blood. Psycho killers / Beasts and the confronting heroes will make a nice comeback: the long awaited Evil Dead 4 (the sequel to Army of Darkness) will get greenlighted. Welcome back, Ash!

It is so puzzling that Hollywood, where thousands of aspiring writers supposed to live under the hope for acquiring fortune someday, are looking for outside talent. They take a look at films from India, Japan, and Korea. I cannot deny some talented moviemakers are getting the chances they never dreamed of, but it hints that there is something deeply mulfunctional in Hollywood’s ability to find people within. Or is this the Hollywood now? All these budding directors and writers, they are struggling to get by to chase a fake dream, since studios are less interested in domestic resources?