Controlling mood through blogging

When in a bad mood, should I blog or not?

Never mind.

When I make a phone call or write an email, the bad mood simply gets worse. It gets amplified, starts running around in my body, propably surfing on my blood stream. It needs an out but giving an out means making it more active…

One way is to give it a fake ‘out’. Eat, drink, fxxx.

Another way is to turn it into a positive energy. This is the best way, if I know how.

One more way is to write it down. Writing it into my journal is good to find out my hidden agenda but it is awefully exhausting. It is to let the mood control my body to capture the feeling more easily into words. I might keep it for really serious situation.

And yes, a good way is to blog it. The fuzzy notion of public appearance makes me partially sane and manage the emotion under control, but the innate power of writing still provides an out. Blogging has another effect – because of its nature (or my nature), the topic doesn’t stay at the same place and jumps around – which sometimes makes the bad mood dissolved smoothly. It is good to keep the blog that long, otherwise the soothing effect will be temporary.

Here is the example of that type of blogging. Did my feeling get better? Certainly yes.

The remaining fire of the anger is still burning but doesn’t matter – go to bed, things will be alright in the morning. Sometimes it really is.