I watched the history epic Troy while staying in a hotel, trying to be divorced from reality when sitting in front of the laptop for several hours in a row.

The battle scenes are surely gorgeous but overall this film lacks the awesomeness found in the older films such as Ben Hur. I think it is not just the matter of how matured you are many films you have seen before. The producers have spent around $50 million (I guess) to bulid the city of Troy and create tens of thousands of CG-soldiers. And they ruined that effect by paying a slightly less amount of money to the stars, which forced us to believe in ancient Greek Warriors played by Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. And they started a war because of this woman? Beauty and charisma doesn’t always go together.

Eric Bana single-handedly (half) saves this problem. He is too believable in his role – he deserves some award nomination if it weren’t for this blockbuster film. Brad Pitt once stole the lead from Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire, and here he is on the stolen side.

Well the film was enjoyable, especially when you are supposed to be working…..