In the Airport

Ben-Gurion airport is full of mystery and wonder.
The long line of security check was indeed annoying, though. This time they checked my pair of sandals. A young security officer, in his early 20s, held my sandal in one hand and brought a metal-detector lookalike gadget closer to it. Maybe a sandal is a perfect place to hide your detonator.
(They didn’t pay any attention to my laptop PC, my sample IC chips, and my digital camera.)

The first mystery: Howard Stern Jewery Store. I guess the diamond rings are actually crystal sugars. Well, it’s still not so bad…

I thought hard to find a reasonable explanation for why on earth we should buy a washing machine in the airport. ….I should have asked the clerk.

Yes, cooking is an essential part of our lives. Everybody needs a cooking facility. Maybe I can put my cat or a dog in the oven area to save some cargo room.

Yes, it is a nice fridge. By the way, can I bring this with me on the plane?

What is Kenwood doing here? A brand new, 5 speed Turbo mixer? Maybe it is more lucrative than building huge mixing consoles for the studios. At least we all have one in our home.

Hi Hyundai, nice to see you in the airport, rather than on the street. Toasters: certainly less risky than the ever-shaky automobile business.