Off for a while

I am sorry for the absense. Currently I am in Israel until the end of next week and I will try to update some pictures while I am online (and when I can find any free time during the day, and also when there is a reasonable internet connection in the hotel).

Every *good* hotel in Tel Aviv and in the coastline along the Mediterranean sea is fully booked. When I was here two years ago, even though it was during the World Cup frenzy (they call it Mundial) almost all hotel was empty. I managed to stay in one of the nicest hotel around Herzelia, the city where my company resides, and it was the room with the best view. And with the discount price.

Now even the bed & breakfast has this sign “No Vacancy” proudly put on the reception desk. There are two explanations to this unusual (even to local Israelis) phenomenon.
1. This year it has been relatively quiet regarding the ‘situation’. Tourists are coming back.
2. Suddenly the Jews living in France decided they must visit Israel and occupied all the good hotels.