Israel 1st day

Finally I got time to update some pictures while I am still here. Israel for the 2nd time – welcomed by English and Hebrew, Israel’s principle language. It has only 22 or 23 characters, while Japanese has 51 + 5,000 or more pictures. Unfair.

Then welcomed in Russian. A large portion of Israel population is comprised of immigrants from Russia and its neighbors.

Then welcomed in Arabic.

They have this small wooden stick attached to each door. It is called Mezuza and contains a tiny script taken from the Bible inside. Every door in Israel has this. People touch it, kiss the hand, to bring fortune (or to have good luck).

Close up of Mezuza. The sign is one of Hebrew alphabet but I do not know what it means.
By the way, the word “alphabet” has its origin in Hebrew – the first two characters in Hebrew are called “alef” and “bet” alef and bet -> alphabet. Nice.

Typical food in Israel. Lots of small dishes and Pita bread as appetizer (don’t forget Humus and Tehina), followed by a variety of main dishes. This time I took fried & sliced turkey. I must say this was one of the best turkey I ever had.