Hebrew Lesson

This means…


Orange Road, as the post sign suggest. Be careful in Hebrew they write from right to left. Sounds familiar to us Japanese but they do it in horizontal manner.

Another obvious example.

It seems a bit too long to express ‘Sony’. What are they doing in Israel?

GoldStar – Israeli beer. It is better than Budweiser (ANY beer is better than this), better than normal Asahi, but need improvement to match Ebisu.

This is very important. You couldn’t get out of fire since the sign was too cryptic? It shouldn’t happen.
Actually I accidentally rang not the fire bell but the security bell one night and was at a loss for 30 minutes since nobody was in the office (12:30 at midnight) and every instruction was written in Hebrew. The siren became louder and louder but guess what, nobody arrives, even the security company guys. I was even thinking of being interrogated but fortunately managed to get out. Maybe they were too busy protecting the country.

The last one is a bit challenging but you can do it. Okay, it means this guy had been elected as the mayor of Jerusalem and is going to do a reform called “no more bikinis” since there are too many young girls who want to show off their bodies and that’s distracting for the ultra-orthodox religious families (people who weare black clothes). Just guessing. Or maybe he is a rich man ooking for his partner after a traumatic divorce, used the newspaper to put his picture and personal anecdotes. Just guessing.