Fahrenheit 911

Michael Moore ludicrously exaggerates, uses too much rhetoric, and uses far-fetched stories in this documentary. Everything is told for single purpose: oust Bush.
It is an extremely biased documentary, and maybe we should call this a shameful propaganda and exclude from the documentary category. Now what I would do after watching it?

If I have the right for voting, I will never choose Bush. And I will definetely watch Michael’s next project, in the movie theater. If he needs funding, I will send whatever money I have ( in my pocket). It’s so good that his latest effort was a huge success at the box office. For me, this is absolutely the picture of the year.

When I traveled around Southern Africa three months ago, not a single person mentioned he or she liked Bush. As long as we kept anti-Bush as the topic of conversation, we could safely indulge in the discussion, using one of the subject(politics) you should avoid in foreign land….