Am I Annoying

Yes you are.

I bumped into this Excellent website and cannot stop going on the list. Everything is measured and ranked on how he or she is annoying (yes!) and there are thousands of list.
What I love about this site is its sheer nonsense.

Take a look on Paul McCartney and the excerpt of the reason he is/is not annoying. By the time you shouted your fifth “So What?” you’re trapped in this magical world.

***Why he might be annoying***
He teamed up with Michael Jackson for the ridiculous ‘The Girl is Mine.’
His lawsuit legally broke up the Beatles (1970).
He appeared in the Tracey Ullman video ‘They Don’t Know’
He had a child with his second wife when he was 61 years old (2003).
***Why he might not be annoying***
He is left handed.
He is a New York Yankee fan.
He held a concert benefit to assist New York City firemen and policemen (October 20, 2001).

Let’s take a look at the Most Annoying People list.
A.J. Benza’s Most Annoying ranks Frankie Muniz as No.2. Why not No.1?