I took this body therapy, conducted by my friend.
It was a very enjoyable session – for layman basically it is a gentle type of massage. One hour of relaxation, surrounded by good music and odor.

But nothing comes without a price. This time, it came as a huge fatigue. Even though I had a totally comfortable and relaxing time, physically I got exhausted after the one-hour session. No hard action, no strong treatment (the one you get in the maggage parlors in Hong Kong). But I couldn’t help taking another massage in my office building, plus a 30-minues nap (not in the cubicle). Still, the fatigue is there right now, writing this sentence.

What Ortho-Bionomy does is to make a room for the body to feel what exactly is going on. It doesn’t force any movement or try to change the body into something else. Just make it easier to accept and understand the current state. What the individuals react is totally up to them: 10 years ago this might be rejected as too irresponsible. Today this is the trend, people are willing to accept the difference between each other.

In my case I think the body realized how tired it actually was, and send me a very direct signal. Take some rest. The thing is that I actually take 8 hours of sleep a day and it hasn’t changed. What has changed was the level of intensity and stress I get from my job. My friend pointed out to my belly and said there is too much of an energy concentrated in one place – not balanced – “Did you recently have an intence negotiation?” Oh yes I had, how could she know that?

Yoshimoto Banana, the great writer, once published a collection of short stories titled “Your body knows everything”. Indeed it does.