Goal setting again

Copied from an email sent to my friends. This is what I think about goal setting.

The thing is, I believe in the power of goal setting as long as it remains as a symbol, just like a lighthouse which shows the direction but not telling us the obstacles ahead. It becomes counter-productive when it starts to force us to follow certain path (or we start to fix our mindset into certain methodologies), not itself realizing it became one of the obstacles by stepping down from the upland to the sea-level.

Most of the times, it is our own tendency to bring down the lighthouse because… we all want it to be closer and more brighter than the dim and obscure far ahead, aren’t we? And we realize our mistake too late. Allow me to be snobbish, but I think it is like trying to cheapen the celebrities only while they remain honorable. And I must admit sometimes I enjoy reading that sort of articles.