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This email (possibly spam) came in today as bcc. They are getting smarter. I fought for 10 seconds whether or not to click that hyperlink. I gave up, made sure the virus protection is working on my computer, opened it in a new window. The designated website was not found on the server.

This is the list of the “clever” spam emails in the last couple of months.

From: Hotmail (of course a pseudonym)
Titled: Your Hotmail account
Inside: Real estate advertisement

From: Microsoft or Adobe
Titled: Error messages
Inside: Viagra, sort of

From: xxxxx (a person I know – he is our fussy customer)
Titled: Questions regarding ????? (my company’s product)
Inside: ? (It was filtered to my Junk email folder. He used my Hotmail account instead of my corporate account, and his name wasn’t in my safe(private) list. But who knows? It was still too dangerous to open, might be infected to a potentially harmful virus or somebody stole my corporate address book 🙂