Starting blogging again

After a long absense, I now think I should start writing in a constant manner.
There are four entried sleeping in Typepad server labeled as draft. Writing the first draft is almost always fun and exciting. The problem is on the editing or reviewing stage – I read each sentence carefully, not to find small errors (they keep shouting at me anyway and a lot of times I hear the shout but cannot see anything), but to trim the sentence so that there are no more or no less than what’s needed.
Somehow I thought I should make each entry more compact, more complete in itself.
And then for the next two weeks I wrote nothing. I set myself into the serious writing mode, in which I don’t allow any writing that doesn’t satisfy Mr.ProofReader inside me. I am not saying I am writing well – quite the opposite, I thought I need that guy to watch out I don’t get just self-indulged.
But it’s a situation called chicken and egg – I won’t improve my writing unless I write something, every day. Which is better, write constantly and wait for my writing skill to improve in time, or review constantly so that I can squeeze the best out of whatever I have now?
I take the former – just do it every day. Write everything in the first try, review it once, upload.
So I won’t promise I will write something meaningful ( = I don’t promise I do not write anything meanless) but I write constantly. Every day when somebody opens this website they will find something is updated.
For me it’s a training – to make myself commit more. It’s the end of the fantasy – you can write occasionally and earn money, reputation, and satisfaction.
Welcome to the real world.