Spam gets clever

Today’s likely spam email headline:

Michael Moore assasinated

Hmm………. Okay, I lost(again). Opened the email and…… welcome to the wonderful world of your xxxxx enlargement!
The moment they open the door which are supposed to be full of monsters…

Michael Moore’s new and controvertial documentary is receiving a mixed reaction from the critics but nevertheless is the United States viewer’s choice of the week. Fahrenheit 911…..
Am I the only person to imagine Bon Jovi’s second album, 7800 Fahrenheit, instead of Ray Bradbury’s novel?

I grew up with Ray Brudbury’s books but never read Fahrenheit 451, which is a longer piece. His nostalgic, facsinating, and magical world lies in the collection of short stories. R is for Rocket is my favorite.

In my favorite story, a boy has an astronaut as his father. Long absense and high risk of danger are part of his dad’s job description but the boy was nevertheless fascinated by the exotic world he has never been to. He collects the star dust from dad’s space suit, put them in a bin and imagine the world out there.
Dad says to him, don’t become an astronaut. “When you’re on the earth you crave for space: when you’re out in the space you swear you’ll never leave your family alone.”
But one day dad decide it’s the last voyage he’s gonna make, and take off to the space. The boy and mom waits on the earth, talking what would they do when something happens to dad. “If dad’s spaceship falls on Mars, I will never watch Mars. On Venus, never that direction.”

And what happened to dad? He and his spaceship fell on the Sun. So the boy and mom sleep with the window shielded when the sun is out, wake up at night.