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Arrived at the office and I realized I needed the USB cable for connecting the digital camera image to my laptop(I am using it for my job) and got back to my apartment, came back, and realized I need the Windows CD-ROM to fix my damaged email software (the third time in two months that I am blocked from the entire email. I must admit it is very liberating – smash them, smash, smash – and I am getting addictive…… ).
In the end the email program didn’t come back and the system BIOS is warning another cluster in the hard drive is entirely unreadable and I figured it out that’s it. I got a new laptop to replace the whole thing and that delayed the job furthur.

I am now sitting in the office at 24:00 and still haven’t finished packing up the demo system which must work at the customer’s site tomorrow. So few things have been accomplished today. The key is to enjoy the moment and never think that I “wasted” today.

Let’s get out of the positive thinking mode. Sometimes it’s better to admit there are days like this. Today I got this brand-new Thinkpad which I am typing on it and it saves me from getting into this wasted mode. I believe one of the best thing about Thinkpad is the keyboard, trackpoint, and the whole rigidness. They always justify the higher price. Gives me the pure joy of using, not just owning.

The first Thinkpad I bought was the B5 size 535 and that was truly a revolution in small-sized laptop. Even now I wish I can keep using it by upgrading the CPU. I loved that and tortured that. Spilled coffee twice (once it smoked and refused to work but then I was an engineer – made a few pipeline and the next moment it was alive again, as if nothing had happened), fell off the table more than five times.

I was supposed to write about yesterday’s seminar but will leave it for tomorrow… good night.