Engrish again and Mandarin entry

Here is a small gift from my language-fetish friend.
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All taken from www.Engrish.com , but one of the best ones are assembled. I enjoy the third one most.
Regarding written English, there are excellent mistakes (click the above) and dumb mistakes (the ones you see in this blog). If you need the former, you have to be clueless and innocent when composing English sentence, trying to put your message in a clear way(and believe you can do it) without a deep knowledge of grammer. Once you start to learn the technical aspects of written English, they every mistake is plain dumb.

I found the following sites very useful in learning a precise English (but I won’t guarantee it’s always fun to learn)
David A.McMurrey
Sentence Sense
The Elements of Style
(Updated Apr 2011) A guide to technical writing: Suggested by Brooke Hallaway

Recently I showed my Mandarin entries to my teacher who is from Shanghai, being sure I would get a lot of praise. He told me he could get about 70% of what’s written there. Once he switched his thinking in “Japanese” mode, they he received the messages correctly. Nevertheless he gave me a warm comment and encouraged me to move on, however I think I got stuck, because after almost three years of learning Mandarin I am getting better at it, at least being able to detect something is wrong in my Mandarin. His comment revealed what I have been afraid of : I have been thinking in Japanese and constructing the sentence in Japanese, only choosing the words from Mandarin language database.

In continuing my Mandarin input, I have three options: one is to continue in my present style, Japanese-thinking and Mandarin-letters and try to improve little by little. the second one is to write like a summar vacation diary from 10 year old (smart) kid.
Mon: Weather is fine. Went out with my friend.
Tue: Same as Monday.
Wed: Same as Tuesday.

The third one is to imitate the dullest blog in the world.

It is obvious I should take the first option. At this stage, there still are some excellent mistakes there and I can improve my Mandarin in the fastest way. Of course I can offer something that the reader (if there are any) can enjoy. But the second and third options are too attractive to dismiss.