My favorite actor

Got cold again. Maybe my body is refusing to get back to work. Or my mind?
So today’s blogging is relatively light.

Danny Nucci is one of my favorite actor.
He is not a superstar type actor, always in the film as a sidekick. And he always die a miserable death, when he appears in big-budget movies. I don’t care what he does, talks, loves, the role big or small. I never thought about his skill as an actor. Just waiting for the moment when he appears on screen.
There are three films in which he is treated as worse than a garbage.

He plays Dicaprio’s buddy and they both get on the ship by winning a card game.
He is smashed by a falling, gigantic chimney.

He plays a newcoming detective who is only recently being assigned to the mission.
He is double-crossed by his boss(played by James Caan), shot twice in the chest from close range.

The Rock
He plays one of the marines trying to hunt down Ed Harris.
Shot by dozens of machine guns, he dances&bounces and fall into the manhole, upended.

He plays one of the footballers who happened to be on the plane.
He breaks his neck at the impact and die immediately. But is the first person being eaten by the survivors…. unfortunately no…..the truth is, he stays alive until to the end……The producer and the director are wasting a valuable talent.

The Rock provides the most spectacular version so far. There is still one other blockbuster films which I haven’t watched. Crimson Tide. I cannot wait to see this film, but will not rush. For a while, let’s imagine how horrendous he dies in this film…