Tasting Wine and Mr.Bean

I went to Katsunuma for visiting wine cellar and tasting Japanese wine with the member of this circle.
100+ types of wine, all free for tasting by paying 1,100 yen for the tasting cup. Some people may call it a paradise. I don’t drink much usually, but there is no reason to miss this chance. One hour later I got punch-drunk and it was still 13:00. After this extensive market research, one word was added to my wine vocabulary – “refreshing”. Previously there were two – “bitter” and “sweet”. Now I got the missing piece of the puzzle, I can ask for what I want at the liquer store. “Bitter/sweet and refreshing”. You see how passionate I am at eating and drinking.
The best one was this red wine. Bitter and refreshing. Believe me, there were not many wine which satisfy the second factor.

Okay, they told me it’s the best and by the time I tasted it I just nodded at anything. I might have even agreed that Mr.Bean is funny.
Just kidding. Please somebody make either one of these two spoofs. Both, best.
1. When Mr.Bean tries to cheer up a depressing person, he/she takes out a pistol and shoot Mr.Bean in the head and then commit suicide.
2. Everybody on the street tells Mr.Bean “How can you be so boring?” when he walks by – even the dogs.

After watching this vast collection of Japanese wine – I heard a sad story. Very few restaurants puts Japanese wine on their menu. The biggest reason must be that Japanese wine is not recognized as “brand” yet – I don’t believe all French or German wine taste well. We should stop behaving as a naive kid who doesn’t know otherwise than hanging on authority but rather focus more on our fellow’s hard work of integrating Western culture into Japanese nature. Yes, cross-culture should deserve more attention.
I am going to consume more Japanese wine from now. So I got two bottles of the best one, and will serve it to my friends.