Whenever I get boring and sitting in front of my PC, I start playing this tiny cute game.
Here is the best score so far.
Not a bad job, thought until I hit on this website.
You’re kidding….
Playing this game is like simulating a dreamlife.
*When stuck in a difficult decision, almost evertime you can find some easier place to dig and eventually that might also solve the difficult one from the other way around
*You FEEL you are moving toward a goal. Very, very important.
*Most of the time you have to make your hands dirty one by one but there are always the chance of unexpected breakthrough. And it happens, at least here…
When I start this game, it is always when I carry some annoying problem in my mind or feel some difficulty moving forward. And there are billions of people suffering from that feeling just because they are forced to use Microsoft products.
After all, Microsoft has invented an extremelly cheap solution to avoid creating too much stressful customers. Do we still have the power (or will) to finish writing a complaint email to them after accomplishing 100+A score while writing down the angry sentiment?