First day at Korea

I haven’t brought my camera-enhanced mobile phone. StupidX10.
The work continued until 10:30 and I have no time to enjoy the would-be lovely Suwon city.
The Korean barbeque dinner with the customers was simply great, but with no picture I don’t have any credibility. The hotel is booked until Thursday night (Friday checkout) – hopefully we can solve everything by tomorrow and I can have a nice Korean Sauna tour on Thursday. Everybody is entitled to daydreaming, isn’t it?
I found a Japanese engineer at the Korean company. I never thought he is from Japan until he introduced himself. He looked so – , Korean. Once you start living in non-native land, you’ll become closer to the local people. Your behaviour, outlook, way of speaking, such. I had met an American there before and OK, he was different but he was only for a year and it would be the matter of time he starts transforming into Korean. Suddenly I felt an urge to see him tomorrow.