Searching for Debra Winger

This documentary will change the way I watch the actresses in hollywood movies. Every single actress in this documentary gave witful, intelligent, and positive messages – I couldn’t help liking them including even Sharon Stone. Watching this insider documentary sometimes blind me from judging my perception. When I know an actress’s background – has two small babies and acting aggressively at environment protection, experienced a divorce recently – and also her message encouraged me – it’s hard to think “her acting sucks”.
Simply I am glad my long-time muse, Rosanna Arquette is alive-and-kicking. The last time I saw her was in the Whole Nine Yards and although that movie was very entertaining I think she deserved a better role.
Lots of actresses confess their real-life stories about how to have both the career and the life, how to switch between multiple roles as mothers, wifes, and actresses.
Salma Hayek: “We need more women in the production side: writers and directors.” I think she has a very good point – her latest film Frida in which she took a producing role as well, was directed by Julie Taymor.
Their stories reveals (again) the movie industry still offers limited chance to female compared to male – but wait a minute, now Holloywood have several females on top of the major studios – Sherry Lansing at Paramount, Ami Pascal at Sony – they are not trying to justify this situation or still they haven’t got enough power?
Jane Fonda shared her experiences which only can be received through acting – it is a bit complicated so just watch the movies. She talks about the “moment” when everything unites in one coherence and it reflects on her acting, as if the world is working in a perfect harmony. I only read about it in the soap operas or cheap novels or in various mangas, in which directors and actors educate people about what differentiates a “real” actor and the others in a very thoughtful (sometimes arrogant) way. Though impressed, I tend to think the authors are just exaggerating the real stories to make their piece more dramatic – but now, I do believe in this divine moment. How many people can reach that stage in their lives? According to Jane Fonda, it is much, much better than any sex.