Louis Vitton + Nagoya + Wild Swans

Somebody reached my blog through Yahoo! by this keyword:
“Louis Vitton Nagoya”
It is too obvious what she (must be she) was looking for. I love to see my weblog listed on Yahoo or Google search result, but actually this time I feel sorry for her. Could I offer her some alternative fun enough to justify this mistake?
Yahoo is using Google’s search engine and I also get my blog listed on Google result . I am glad Google still is not perfect. There is room for improvement, even after 300 Ph.Ds working for 3 years. Well, there is a great example in this sense.
This accidental mismatch sometimes make a very nice matching. I recently searched on Google about the career opportunities in China, and hit on the new introduction of Wild Swans.
Probably it was because the author wrote about how she started her career in London, in this new introduction to this bestseller book. I had no previous knowledge about Wild Swans or Jung Chang but 5 minutes after reading this article, I clicked on Amazon’s order…. Just read it, it is a terrific piece of writing. Now the book is sitting on top of my desk with 10 other books I have to read, but this one has to be read before I go to China(maybe) next year.
Okay, so now when somebody Googles using Louis Vitton and Nagoya and Wild Swans, they get this blog! Not totally irrelevant, I hope.