Confession of a Dangerous Mind

The main actor of this chronicle is Sam Rockwell, one of the most ordinary-looking star I have ever seen. I don’t think I can recognize him in another film easily(or I should already have). Let’s try in his upcoming film, Matchstick Men if I have a chance.He is so un-impressive looking in the first sight, but, this might be the biggest strength he has(or I hope). Like Chris Cooper in Adaptation, I bet he might one day become a character-actor who can completely transform himself. After all, George Clooney had chose him in his first director debut film(he cannot fail if he is thinking direction seriously), and there has to be a reason behind this casting.
Brad Pitt and Matt Damon both had cameo apperance. Funny thing is, the camera moved slowly enough in front of them so that the audience can recognize them easily. In most opportunity I get disgusted by this behavior(if you want him/her to be apparent, why don’t you credit them). This time since their make-up were so funny and so apparant, I took it as a joke. It was funny, I chuckled but the other audience didn’t respond…could be different in the United States. Usually there are always some American who laughs at these subtle jokes which Japanese audience overlooks, but this time I didn’t hear anybody laughing…Was it supposed to be funny?