Where you belong

From the conversation with Nick, the guy from England at the hiking.
I “Do you fee at home in England when you go back there? Like it is where you belong?”
Nick “It’s been 8 years since I left there, so it’s getting less year by year. But one thing doesn’t change. It’s my love toward my local football team”
I “What makes you feel that way? I do not have anything like that”
Nick “It’s hard to say…kind of an identity.”

I had lived in Nagoya for about 20 years in accumulation but never felt there as my hometown, now when I occasionally go back just to show my parents I am alive, I do not feel relaxed nor stablized. Rather I feel awkward and after a couple of days I just feel like running away from that place. Maybe it’s a sign of love toward that town (coming out as hate) so I might be missing something.
Actually I would very much like to have that kind of connected feeling to a certain club. So jealous when they talk about their favorite baseball or football club with passion and pure love.

It’s always hard to tell why you love something( maybe Nick’s love toward the local football club), but very easy to say why you hate it (I simply didn’t have much of excitement at Nagoya, sometimes felt I was kind of trapped).