Read a great article on diversity, quoted at Ross Mayfield’s blog.
This article is telling about the United States’ situation and although thre is no specific data to support its voice, I fully agree with what it says.
It reminds me of the Bush administration issue. I am probably against every word he says or rants and most of my friends seems to share the same stance, regardless of the nationality. So how come this guy be elected? No reasonable explanation is yet to be found out, but one probably obvious reason might be that my inner circle is comprised of relatively like-minded people and not so diversed as I try to think..
With the flood of information coming in, we are less forced to go out and see everything by ourselves : this will certainly work against the diversification. But at the same time, technology like internet and weblog greatly reduce our effort to get to know other people’s idea: this will certainly work for the diversification. The two contradictory elements (like Yin and Yan) are happening at the same time, and this will eventually diversify people into two categories. Those who use technology and those who are used by technology. Whatever happens, I would like to be on the former side.
The more likely future is that like-minded or like-classed people stick together in each place – that will be a nice world as long as each group welcome coming-in and going-out, regardless of their background (race, gender, age…), which is unlikely to happen.