Being a translator

From’s entry:

Translator’s job
This seems to be one of the most concise comment that articulates the essense of translating.

“The most important factor is how well the person is grounded in the target language. This is not something that happens overnight, but depends greatly on the language environment from early childhood through the early adult years. “

One has to be a master in his native tongue before acquiring skill in the foreign language when it comes to excellent translation.I have once fantasized about becoming a translator just because it seems a relatively easy job to handle : it was only after I listened to my father’s story I abandoned that illusion. One lesson from his experience. “You have to eat a huge chunk of meat at one time, in a very fast manner in order to prepare for the next successful hunt which is never guranteed”

And another reason I am not attracted to translating now: it is less creative and (for me ) less fun than writing the original draft. Now I write this blog, it will never make any money, but seems to be enough to satisfy whatever desire I had for writing. Or will it become bigger?